Draft Audio Story


As a reminder to all people, make sure your backup file of your site is working when you save it. I lost everything when my database corrupted and I had to reinstall it all. So here we are. I don’t really remember what I wrote the first time I created this post so I’m trying to work from memory here. I interviewed my two favorite people about some of their favorite things. I honestly thought my son would be more reticent to be recorded and my daughter would be more relaxed but it was the opposite. Once Jake relaxed, he felt more comfortable speaking and letting me record him. It was fun to sit and talk to them and then edit the audio so they could listen to it. Working with Audition turned out to be easier than I expected which was really nice. I’ve never delved too deeply into editing audio or video in the past. I’ve always stuck with Photoshop so this was way out of my comfort zone – in a good way. It was interesting to see what I could do and to discover how seamlessly things can be knit together to create a coherent storyline.

The background sound I used was from Ambience 2 – Ocean Shore and it can be found here: Adobe Audition Downloads