Final Audio Story

I went back and listened to the audio I had originally created and I opted to fade the ocean sounds at the beginning and end of the audio and I also layered in some night sounds. I didn’t want them to be too loud but they add in a little more of the feeling of having a window open while talking. As much as I like the sounds, I’m not an outdoorsy person. I find the ocean to be relaxing. The background sounds weren’t overbearing and they didn’t drown out the speaking. I tried to come up with more of a storyline, maybe tell a tale or something, however, in the end, my interviewees weren’t very keen on getting creative so I worked with what I had and tried to make it sound better. I also altered the track so the speaking came in later instead of immediately so it flowed better. I thought this was going to be a more difficult program to work than Photoshop so I was very pleased to discover I could create things without a steep learning curve like Photoshop. It took me years to understand Photoshop which made me hesitant to even consider working with Audition. I can’t say I will start whipping out podcasts any time soon, but I am more willing to learn more about this program simply because I feel like even as a beginner I was able to create something interesting and fun.

The clips I used for the background sounds came from the same place as before: Adobe Audition Downloads

I used Ambience 2: Ambience Ocean Shore and Ambience Night Crickets And A Bullfrog

The program I used to edit the audio is Adobe Audition CC 2018