Draft Graphic Collage

My draft collage was a lot of fun to create. I taught myself how to use Photoshop fifteen years ago. I can’t say I’m an expert by any means since everything I know is what I’ve learned through Google searches and through friends critiquing my work. It was always something I tinkered with and played with and used as a way of passing time. It was never anything I thought I’d use in a professional capacity or even for a job. Thus far, I’ve been right, however I’d like to eventually change that which was the sole reason I enrolled in this class.

I have a deep undying love for old Polaroids and I wish my parents hadn’t thrown away their Polaroid instant camera from my childhood. I’d love to have it now though it probably doesn’t work. My brothers were pretty tough on that thing. Thus, I took a Polaroid brush I’ve had for who knows how long and I used that as the canvas for my image. I layered different beach and flower images atop each other in such a way that they blended to create a hazy imagery much like a memory. Faded, sunbleached, and even a little washed out but still clear enough that you can imagine hearing the waves from the ocean as you stand in the sand. Or at least I can.

All of the images were ones taken from various trips by myself or my daughter, Madeline. I used upward of 20 different images at first and then as I blended and tweaked them, some were discarded and some are so faint I don’t know that they make much of a difference to the overall image. I know they are there though so I kept them since I wasn’t constrained to a specific file size.