Draft Logo

My thought process for the logo was water lilies. I wanted something that looked like lily pads and then the star image was meant to be in place of the flower. I wanted the circles to simulate the outward movement of water when something lands on the lily pad or disturbs the flower. The dots underneath were also to create a kind of flow of water. The color palette is again a watery palette to me.

Obviously, logos are not my strong suit. No matter how much I tinkered, I didn’t come up with anything that felt cohesive to me. I tried imagining something I’d use for my own business or something that fit for a different company and I kept coming up blank. This one was a struggle for me. I tinkered and I kept layering things and it just wasn’t the same for me as it was with Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator isn’t crazy hard either. I just was lacking inspiration and the muse was not showing up to give me a hand.