Draft Video Story

I decided to stick with the favorite things theme as well as the theme of my first image for this class. I opted to take photos that I used in my Photoshop image and merge them together. I added a few I hadn’t used before as well. When my daughter was attending college in Virginia, I would travel fairly often to see her. I would snap images of things I saw and she would send me images of things she saw when we were apart. It was our way of keeping in contact with each other. Every time we reached our destination, we would stop at a favorite restaurant and eat a big breakfast. It didn’t matter if it was at 11 p.m. or if it was at 4 a.m. We share a love of breakfast and this was our way of saying we were done with our trip.

I added a soundtrack of a car drive with a window half down and light rain sounds. There is the occasional sound of a turn signal as well. Though, as I went back and listened to it, I might have softened the background sound too much. I need to change that in the final edit. I was considering adding a voice over but I don’t know if I want to or not. It’s fairly quiet and fairly simple which isn’t necessarily my style. I didn’t add any text either. I was trying to create an ambience of driving down the road by myself with the images of various things I’ve seen during the drive.

The photo of the hand with the smiley face was taken by my daughter, Madeline.
In the video, I added the soundtrack of Ambience Car Drive Interior Passenger Window Half Down Light Rain 01 from here: Adobe Audition Downloads
I edited the video in: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018