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Sometimes I do things on a whim and other times I spend days, sometimes weeks, agonizing over things. I recently changed web hosts and assumed (never good) that the backup I had of my site was intact. It wasn’t. Lesson learned. Now, I’m sitting here trying to recreate what I originally wrote for My Story on the Web, a class I’m taking this semester. I can’t recreate it. Too much time has passed. Instead, I pulled up the requirements and I’m going to do this a second time.

One of the things I need to do for this class is to create a theme for this portfolio of works we are creating. I didn’t really have a theme when I began. As time has progressed, a theme has emerged: Favorite things. Not all of them are my favorite things, some are my children’s favorites, but they are my favorite children so I figure it all works.

I started out with pictures of things that have meaning to me, primarily images collected during the last four years when my daughter was attending college several states away and I was driving to see her several times a year. Some of the pictures she collected, some of them I collected, but they went from being amusing things we shared as a way of keeping in contact to a window into the past and where we were emotionally and physically during those years. There are videos from various mobile programs that were sent too but they were more personal. The images, I think, stand for themselves.

Infringing upon copyright isn’t something I ever want to do, however, I have to admit my life has a steady soundtrack in the background of music and it has been more difficult than I imagined not to use music (actual songs from artists I admire) while still conveying the feeling I’m going for. I realize this post is being written retroactively so I have the ability to ruminate over my missteps and the things I liked. The logo was not my best work. At all. Logos give me hives. The Photoshop image and shockingly enough the audio track are my favorites. I enjoyed Adobe Audition more than I thought I would. Adobe Premiere has a steeper learning curve for me. Given more time I might like it more. Adobe Illustrator isn’t crazy difficult, I just struggle with logos. A lot. My grade reflected that too.