Who I am?

Hi, I’m Tonia and I’m a full-time executive assistant, writer, and mom (two children) who loves to create web pages for myself and others. There is something just so satisfying (never mind the hair pulling part) about building a website from the bottom up.

Coding just thrills me. I love it. I taught myself HTML and CSS eons ago (yes, there was HTML and CSS back in my day) by ripping apart the coding on other websites. I would sit for hours examining other people’s code to find out what was necessary and what was extraneous. I confess I had a MySpace and I loved those gaudy background images that twinkled and shone and in general were not good for anyone at risk of seizures (plus they took forever to load). You probably don’t remember those days when people embedded music files in the background that blared at you as the page was loading but I do (Angelfire, I’m looking at you). This was terrible if you were surfing the net at work and had your speakers on. Not that I would know. Nostalgia aside, web coding has been my side passion through other careers (Insurance, Financial Planning, etc.) and I love creating something new only to update it and tweak it eternally.  

My advice: Always keep learning.

Thus, despite aging myself in this description, I’m currently finishing up a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical and Applied Studies: Computer Technology with a minor in Computer Forensics and Security at Kent State University, Trumbull. I’m also doing freelance WordPress development after completing the Skillcrush WordPress Developer Blueprint.

Storefronts are my niche. I find it really satisfying to set up a store for a client who can then reach out to customers all over the world selling their products. The business and coding side of our company is where I excel and my daughter handles the visual design and virtual assistant side. Color palettes are her jam. Between the two of us, we offer everything you need from the time you sit down with us to create your site and brand to recurring administrative business needs you want to delegate thus freeing up your time to create and work with your clients.

Reach out to me if you want to discuss working together. I’d love to hear from you!

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